Tuesday, December 04, 2007

bottles of sound

too much free time. and too many empty water bottles.

bottles of sound

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

me and my LAMA

hello my little cornflowers
we won our first award the other night! it was so fun! neil and i went to the awards ceremony (LAMA- los angeles music awards) dressed in spacesuits. for some reason people kept thinking we were knights of the round table. they asked us if we played dungeons and dragons. but we had fun. i really never expected to win, so that was a pleasant surprise.
last night i saw an excellent improv show at improv olympics in hollywood. i've been seeing a lot of great stuff there these past few weeks. last night's show featured tim meadows, former SNL cast member. he was great, all the performers were.
and also, if you get a chance, please go check out my buddy david martin's new christmas single 'fall la la in love'. its on his myspace page here: http://myspace.com/davidmartin
and its also for sale on itunes, along with his cover of 'the christmas song'. go check em out!
i think that's all i have to say. i still haven't seen 'no country for old men' yet, and it's burnin me up! but i ran into billy zabka last night at dinner, and we decided that we'll go see it next week. on a little date. a forbidden date. i made this awkward didn't i. sorry.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

nmk online merch store open

hello my lovlies. so, finally, our store has launched! which is good for me, because previously you either had to come to a show or you had to come to my house to get a shirt. which was awkward. for everybody involved. and what a perfect way to save three dollars! think of all the cool stuff you can do with your extra three dollars...gummi bears...a brushless car wash…the first 25 minutes of a feature film. anyway, please check out the store. we've got big plans for new merchandise items coming soon. and until then you can buy enough shirts to clothe the cast of Rent.

click here to visit the store: nmk store


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a video message of thanks.. and a plea

hello hello.
i made a little video message for yalls. it's scratch-and-sniff, so sit close to your screen.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

it worked!!!

holy crap! all of your clickety-clickin' worked! we're in round three!
i'm gonna send a bottle of advil out to everyone! and next time i see you, i will hug and kiss your little clicky fingers! (unless some of you used your feet to vote... then, you're out of luck.)
i really don't know what to say. i know every band thinks they have the best fans, but in my case, i really do.
thanks so so much to everyone who helped get us in round three. rest up, and get ready to start voting again! hehe! it never ends! =)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


woohoo! we had a superfun show in boise tonight. we got to play with a great band, 'mistress and the misters'. we played with them last time we were in town, and we were very excited to learn that we'd be playing with them again tonight.
it was great to see so many people from last time. and people did their homework! more than half the audience knew my lyrics better than i did! it was a very fun time, and i can't wait to come back. such a supportive town.
oh, and i apologize again to anyone who had to hug my sweaty body. next time i'll hire a stunt hugger.

and thanks so much to everyone who voted to get us in round two of the mtv thing! i just found out about all of this tonight, and i'm so grateful/excited that we were able to get over 5000 votes. i'm not sure how far into the contest we'll make it, but it's great to have such supportive fans. with such itchy clicky mouse fingers.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

more paintings

here's my newest batch of paintings:


day off: day two

did some more painting today. i'll post soon.
tim and i just got back from seeing 'we own the night'. holy poop what an awesome movie! such a great job of creating tension. wonderful performances by everyone. really good stuff. go see it.

oh, and the new radiohead album kicks booty!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

grape street: take 5

we played our fifth show at grape street in philli last night. it was a lot of fun. lot of familiar faces, lots of new ones. the other day we were on a local philli radio show, preston and steve on wmmr, and the guest after us was jason schwartzman! i got a chance to talk with him for a few minutes. he was really cool.

we have a few days off here in new jersey before our next show in new york. i'm going to try to do some more painting. oh, have you seen the new behind-the-scenes piece on sweeptheleg.com? it rocks! jordan is doing an awesome job putting these together. anyway, check it out and tell me what you think.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

paintings from my day off

we had a day off yesterday (something we havent had in a while!), so i did some paintings:

a painting on a bunch of receipts that i had in my pocket:

and a quick drawing i did on an ad that was lying around in our hotel, for hbo's 'tell me you love me':

thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

more broken tires

hello my little loveducks.
sorry i havent posted in so long. we've been pretty busy driving all over this great big country.
in fact, we had two tire blowouts recently. fun. we've done a bunch of teevee and radio stuff, and had some really yummy mexican food. i really need to see the new 'resident evil'. my zombie power meter is empty and needs to be refilled.

the blowout

gas station in texas where they told us they were 'out of gas'

i think i get to sleep in tomorrow! woohoo! and i've already found a theatre nearby playing 'resident evil'. so i think tomorrow should be a good day. oh, and 7 more days until radiohead's new cd!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

boise noisy

hello crimefighters.

we just had a superfun show in boise. at the bouquet. we really didn't know what to expect. we'd played here a year ago, and i think we played for something like 7 people at that time. so we had our fingers crossed for at least 12 people for tonight. and to our surprise many more people than 12 showed up. it was so great, and energizing, to see people dancing and singing along!

we were on 100.3 the x, a local boise station, this morning. we did a little acoustic action. we had a great time hanging with big j and nic. we owe most of tonight's turnout to them. they took a chance, adding 'sweep the leg' into rotation on their station (rhyme-zilla up in here), and having us in the studio. we really couldn't have asked for a better show. i'm looking forward to coming back around here in a month or so.

oh, and we played with this great band from spokane, called 'mistress and the misters'. they were so fun! really talented, great sound and excellent energy. and they were really cool guys too. i
wish i got to talk to them a little more. we're going to try to get them to play with us again next time too. (again and too in the same sentence? hmm grammar evaporates after midnight i guess).

tomorrow we set sail for washington. roslyn. where northern exposure was filmed. we played ther almost a year ago too. so it'll be fun to go back.

ok. i'm going to bed. thanks for listening.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

red rocks

we had a great show in colorado the other night. we played at red rocks amphitheatre, but not on the awesome outside stage. we play indoors, at a tinier stage downstairs. we still had a great time, and i met some really nice people from esurance. we hung out and watched 'cake' play afterwards. what a show that was! cake was amazing live.

DG getting ready to rock

the big awesome stage that we wished we played on

the rock where simba was born.

thanks for listening. i'll be back soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

balls of fury

part of hollywood blvd was closed yesterday. apparently they were filming a apocalyptic street scene for a new will smith movie coming out. i could barely see some cars being pulled by cables as lights flashed and extras screamed and ran. after the take, will came over to the crowd of people that had formed to watch, and he totally shook my hand! woohoo!
then on my way to the cinerama dome to watch 'balls of fury', my friend mike calls me. he was driving in a car behind me, following me to the theatre. "pete, look to your left". i do, and jimmy kimmel is driving next to me!

so that was cool. oh, and 'balls of fury' was fun. not great, but fun. christopher walken was, of course, awesome. i hope he puts out a rap album someday.

oh, and here's a bird:


Monday, September 10, 2007

3:10 to yuma

i just got back from seeing '3:10 to yuma'. it was fantastic. christian bale is the man. i don't think he's capable of a bad performance. and of course russell crowe is great too. i remember as the movie started i was thinking, 'the two lead roles in a western, are both non-americans'. but they both pulled off flawless american accents. way better than my british, or australian accents.

i guess that's it. i just wanted to recommend the movie, to anyone who is so inclined. i was going to go see 'war' with jet li. but rotten tomatoes gave it an 16%. yikes! so maybe i'll wait for the dvdvd.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

shoot em up

i saw 'shoot em up' the other night. it was a lot of fun! in the same vein as 'grindhouse'. over-the-top action/violence. crazy stunts. limited dialog and plot. like a good testosterone injection.

school started back up for many of you. i hope you all got your summer reading done. got your new trapper-keepers ready to go. lunchboxes full of fruit-roll-ups and pudding cups. sit next to the dorky kid for once. that dorky kid was me.

hmmm i guess that's it. i've got my improv class today. so fun! i went and saw my improv teacher, david's show last night. he was great. very funny. i wish i could take the class everyday.

ok. talk to you soon. oh, you look good, by the way. i like what you've done with your hair.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

warm front in indianna with 90% chance of rock!

good grief!! what a weekend i've had! friday morning i got a chance to co-host the morning show in terre haute indianna, and it was sooo much fun! julie and matt, the actual anchors, were so friendly and fun! julie even let me do the weather (which has always been a dream of mine). of course, i did an awful job (i'll post a clip of my meteorological debut). then they let me sit at the desk with them for the whole show. it was such a great time. then i was on julie's radio show in the afternoon, followed by sketch's radio show a little later on. we played acoustic versions of a few songs, and DG played the plastic spoons as accompaniment. then last night we had the linton music festival! this was seriously the best response we've ever had! we sold more tshirts and cds than ever before. i signed stuff for over an hour (usually i'm begging people to let me sign stuff. socks, underwear, napkins. i dont care).

now i'm chillin in louisville with neil for a little bit before i head back to l.a. neil and i are cooking up a little something-something to put on itunes. i'm excited about it.

well that's it for now. i'll post some video stuff soon. thanks for reading!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

on the road again

we just had our first show back on the road after 5 weeks off. it was great to play again. and even better, it was an astonish showcase. so we got to hear, and hang out with all the other great artists on our label.
but what was funny for me was, after the show, we were hanging out outside, and this guy came by and said 'hey, are you the guy from that 'sweep the leg' video?' i thought he was kidding. like he had just seen the show and was just being funny. but he actually had no idea that we had played. so it was my first time being spotted on the street!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

america's got hasselhoff

hey crimefighters.
i met terry fator the other night. he's one of the country's top ventriloquists and all around amazing entertainer. he's currently in the top 20 of america's got talent. and tonight is a very important night for him. so if you are reading this, please please watch the show tonight and vote for terry!

terry invited me to a jamie cullum concert at the hollywood bowl last week. it was incredible. that boy can sing! it was amazing to watch the la philharmonic back him up too. i kept dreaming about how cool that would be, to someday be in that position.

so i guess that's all for today. i finished up the tshirt designs last week, so we should have those on the road with us on our next leg. the next leg of the tour. not that we'll be wearing tshirts on our legs. not like we've never done that before though.
so please please vote for terry tonight. and we'll talk again soon. thanks for listening


oh, hey, our myspace plays have been crazy high these past few weeks! whats up with that! woohoo!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

rats and shirts

hello. how are you?
i saw rat-a-tat-tooie the other day. it was so cute! very charming. great story, and of course, stellar animation. the little short film they showed before it was really cute too. i love pixar. i wanna hug em.
billy zabka and i are going to be on the adam corolla show next week. woohoo! i think thats gonna be fun. i have a friend who is an editor on the jimmy kimmel show, so theres a fun connection.
oh, so i've been designing a new batch of teeshirts to sell on the road (and on our website). i am pretty excited about them. i hope you guys like them too. here's a test of some color options (the final shirt will only have one girl. not three. its not 'girls in the sea', although i guess i could write a sequel). and of course a zombie shirt.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

die hardest

ok, i saw die hard 4 the other night.. ug. you know, i absolutely love bruce willis, and he did a great job, but this movie forgot everything that worked about the first one. they kept trying to outdo the previous stunt. i read a review that i think sums it up perfectly. it said 'in the first movie, john maclane was human. in this one, he's the terminator'.

i'm in la. i get to be here for a while. which is cool. lately i've been zipping in and out of it so quickly that i don't really get to enjoy it. jordan and topher from astonish were here over the weekend to shoot some behind the scenes interview stuff with me and billy zabka. it'll be for the 'sweeptheleg.com' website. that was fun. but even they were like 'man, its beautiful here'. they are right.

in entertainment, it seems like people are either new york folk, or l.a. folk. and whichever they are, they truly identify with. i guess there is a small subset of people who are a bit of both.

oh, here's an adorable drawing my nephew david did:

the little sign says "beware of me". so cute!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

happy fourth

happy fourth of july everybody! i hope you all ate american flag cake until your bellies itched.
i went swimming today. i like swimming. its my favorite. swimming and smiling. my favorites.

oh, our new favorite, over here at no more kings headquarters is the new HBO comedy series called 'flight of the conchords', eponymously named after the new zealand comedy/music duo by the same name. (grammar jokes are tough, because if the joke doesnt work, then smart people just think you're stupid). anyway; check out their stuff here: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.channel&ChannelID=187189765

mmm.. i've been back in l.a. for two days now, and i've had in-n-out both nights. that's doing it right. doing the life thing, right. living right. we'll see what happens tomorrow.

oh, i watched 'evan almighty' tonight. ug. please don't hate me for saying this: i think i maybe loathed it. i really wished i had seen 'die hard' instead. did you know, in spain, 'die hard' is called 'the concrete jungle'? cool huh. probably because 'die hard' doesn't translate to anything meaningful. not like here in the states. where 'die hard' is a very meaningful proverb. (that was a joke, what the heck does 'die hard' mean here? i thought maybe it meant he was hard to kill, like it was hard for him to die because he was so damned cool. and barefoot. is he barefoot in this new one? why is he hanging around with Mac. is PC in it too, or just Mac? its nice to see that Mac is getting work. i was afraid he would be upstaged by his little brother iPhone.)

goodnight. and happy day of independence.


Monday, June 25, 2007


hello again crimefighters. so its been far too long between postings, and i aim to remedy that. ive installed a chip in my frontal lobe that will transmit blog messages as i oooh donut - i guess i'm hungrier than i th— woa cute doggy - wait where was i — oh yes, transmit messages as i think them. which may or may not work out.

we saw the movie 1408 last night. i liked it a lot, but the audience was seriously the worst audience i've ever seen a movie with. every ounce of tension in the film was met with laughter. at one of the key moments, john cusack, crying, delivering a great performance, someone behind me exclaims 'damn, he's a good actor. isn't he a good actor?'

so we're in virginia today. tomorrow night we have a show here, and then we're off to boston, to eat lots of creme-filled donuts. then that's it for this leg. word. oh, here are some more drawings:


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gypsy g's and dirt poor robins

whew! i've been a bad bad monkey, not posting in so long! how have you been? how's the family?

so we've had a couple of great shows this run. we played three nights in a row with dirt poor robins, which is always a blast. the other night, we played at gypsy g's in south carolina. it was so fun! we met some super nice people (chris and amy, whats up!) and had a really good time playing.

we brought guitar hero 2 out on the road with us, so the last two nights have been pure guitar hero rockathon. my little fingers are about to fall off. we have today off, and most of tomorrow. tomorrow night at like 2 am, we have a crazy radio thing, and then we have a show in nyc at arlene's grocery. i love playing in new york. we have a boston show coming up, which is exciting for me because my family is going to go to it. it'll be the first time any of them have seen me play with this new band.

soooo all in all, things are going well. thanks for asking.
oh, here's a new raindrop animation. let me know what you think.


Thursday, June 07, 2007


i just got into to louisville last night. its great to have a chance to work on music with neil for a little while. we have a couple of things we're trying to track before i take off on the next tour leg. we're playing a show together next week, here in town, which is great. i love being able to play with dirt poor robins. as a fan and as a friend, its a great experience.
i did a video shoot with livevideo.com a few weeks ago, which was an absolute blast! anyway, they are starting to put up some of the clips. i think they are going to release two a week for the next few weeks. you can see the first one here: http://livevideo.com/nomorekings
i guess that's it for now. i have been falling quickly behind in my book of face drawings. i'll try to get a few more of those up soon. but i started a series of talking raindrop animations. do i still get a biscuit? no? poo..


Monday, May 28, 2007

recent shows and more faces

we've had a cool couple of shows. the show in pioneertown was awesome! we totally fell in love with the place. great vibe. the knitting factory was supercool! we had so much fun that night. our friends from livevideo.com came down to film the show, and do a quick interview with us.. (which was insane. i dont know if youve ever tried to have a conversation with six guys at once. especially when most of them are schiznophrenic.. so it made it like 10 guys)
last night, we played in fullerton, at this little place called 'the alley'. small show. we played a short set. but it was fun.
i havent drawn faces since ive been out on this leg. so im a little behind. but heres a few that i worked on during my downtime in l.a.:


Thursday, May 24, 2007

whale's what now?

we are in sunny san diego today. we have the day off, mostly, and i love that!
josh and i just did a quick radio thing this morning. it was fun. the people from the station were really cool. they also gave us a live recording they made of us when we were in town for the sunset sessions. that was cool of them, and fun to listen to. we dont have many live recordings of ourselves, so its fun to get them. (jeez, how many times can i say 'fun' in one post)
i think the guys are gonna go bowling today. i just looked, and there are no mooovies i wanna see. so that stinks. but theres a target across the street. maybe i can kill two hours there? lawn and garden aisle?
so tomorrow, we play in pioneer town!! im so excited. apparently its an old set from the days of hollywood westerns. and now people actually live there! they have little mock-gunfights in the streets on weekends. so its a little like l.a. (j/k.. jaaay kayyyy...)
ummm.. i think thats all the gnus. i'm hungry. is that news?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

zombie-time and more faces

hello. i saw '28 weeks later' the other night, and when i got out of the theatre, i got a text message from josh saying that he just saw it. so even though im here in l.a. and he's back in nashville, we still sort of saw a movie together.

we both agreed it was terrifying and disturbing. and we both agreed that there were things about the first one that we liked better. but either way, it was a fantastic zombie movie. and you know how i feel about that =)

unrelated: ive been drawing faces like a mad man lately. faces faces faces. so here's my newest painting in-progress:

and here's the old painting that started this whole series. it's about four years old now:

thanks for listening.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

portraits in progress

here are two more portraits in progress for mah book.
i've been spending too much time at the computer, i'm getting those pains in the base of your neck and stuff. arg. i need a full-time masseuse to hang around me, and snap to attention when i need 'em.

oh. happy mother's day all ye mothers out there.

Friday, May 11, 2007

ficticious portrait book

i started an art book project a while ago of a series of portraits of ficticious people.
as with most of my other projects, i was really obsessed with it for about two weeks. then i stopped all together. sooo. i started working on it again yesterday.

here's a new digital painting (in photoshop) of st. jerome:

and here are a few sketches i did that may or may not end up painted in the book.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

back in l.a. and some new art from the road

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 17:29

i'm finally back in l.a. for a bit, after 6 weeks straight on the road. whew! that's the longest i've been out since this thing started. we had some really great shows this past leg. the chicago show was for sure a highlight. it was so great to play with everybody again! aranda, soular, dirt poor robins, and david martin. i always feel so lucky to be on the same label as them.
i have a bunch of things i want to get done in my down time here.. i've started two art projects while out on the road.
1. i started drawing and painting over the text of an old james bond novel i bought. here's the first finished page from it:

2. i play a lot of sudoku while riding in the van. so i thought i would make use of all those finished sudoku grids..
here are two paintings from that series:

that's it for now. i hope to have a lot more to show you all in the next few days here.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

junkyard romp

we had the craziestcoolest day yesterday! we went to this place called 'city museum' in st.louis. basically its a playground of slides and caves made strictly from materials found in the city dump. there were two airplane fusilages suspended over the park that you could climb around in. you had to crawl through these tiny metal-wire tube-tunnels to get from one thing to another. it was great. when i grow up, i want one of these in my backyard.

we've had some good shows lately. lot of people signing up for our mailing list, which is good for us. we've sold some CDs, which is also good for us. (mmmm… recoupment…) tonight we're playing in rock island, illinois. incidentally, its not actually an island. but it is made of rock. rock n roll, that is!!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

new york then phili then new york then phili

i had a great week. 'sweep the leg' is now being spun on xm satellite radio. woohoo! we had a great show at the cutting room in new york on friday night. last night we played at grape street in phili, and it was so fun! i am constantly surprised at how many people are coming to the shows having already seen the video. and to look out into the audience and actually see people singing along! man, its a cool feeling. of course, it means i have more pressure to remember my lyrics..

thursday morning, we were on channel 10 in phili. it was fun. i met anna nicole smith's sister. (she was one of the guests on the show). we did a soundcheck, which was recorded, and it sounded pretty good. but for some reason, when it came time to play for real, something went wrong in the control room. only the drum mics went out to broadcast! so, everyone in the studio audience heard the show just fine, but people watching it on the teeveeee only heard DG's high-hat!! a little bit of guitar and vocals bled into the mic, so it sounded like the rest of the band was playing from inside the belly of a tauntaun.

now i'm sitting in the phili airport, 3 hours early for my flight (why not). i'm going to nashville, where i will chill in a hotel for two days. i'm excited about all the sleep i can practice! i need the practice, because i think lately i've gotten out of practice.

oh, we saw some dude at breakfast at the hotel who was wearing a cobra kai shirt. so of course, we ran up to him and told him about our song and video and such. his name was kevin. he was very polite, and patiently waited for us to finish our story so he could eat his omelet. i took the opportunity to demonstrate for him my amazing karate skills by shopping his omelet in half with my bare hand. it took me three tries to get through it.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

gummi bears, bouncing here and there

hygiene takes an interesting backseat when on the road for a prolonged period. its as if there's this acceptable re-run schedule for certain clothes. my socks are currently in syndication.

i'm in kentucky for a few days, chillin' with neily. we worked up an acoustic arrangement smash-up of king of rock and sucka MCs. it made me giggle.

oh, christian and i saw 'blades of glory' the other night. it was cute, but i didn't love it. i give it a C, with gusts up to C+. our friend travis bought some chocolate covered gummi bears, which tastes exactly as bad as you'd expect. of course that disproves einstein's third theory that everything tastes better smothered in chocolate.


Friday, April 06, 2007

the other lebowski

its been an interesting couple of days. not much sleep, and a lot of shows. we're in orlando tonight - just finished playing at the liquid cellar - and we're back in georgia tomorrow night. we've done a couple shows with a band called helios, who are really great and talented people, and a fun, energetic band. the other night, at eddie's attic, we played with a band called y.o.u., who really impressed me. they had a fresh, original sound that drew from the well of solid 60s rock and soul. they were great players, had great banter with the crowd.

we did a really cool teeeveee performance this morning. the chef on the cooking segment had the same last name as me. so i had to knife fight him, with our hands tied together, to see who got to keep the name. he won, so from now on i shall be known at petey rosemary macgillicuddy. inform the post office.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

wii, ameoba and smurfs

the other day i was in ameoba records in hollywood, and they had 11 copies of the album! woohoo! so if anyone is having trouble finding it in stores, please hop a flight to l.a. (just kidding. sort of)

i'm sad. i've been playing way too much nintendo Wii lately.. and so far, the only game i like is the free one that comes with the system. i keep buying these other games, and i end up hating them! but the super-simple sports games that come bundled with the Wii are great. i even tried to get my band addicted to the bowling game so they could save money on actual lanes. but alas, they weren't fooled.

i'm off, on a red-eye out of burbank tonight, to georgia. and then florida. which is great, because its been a while since i've been into the astonish office. and i miss all of my little friends there! (i say little, because in order to fit more employees into the office, adam shrunk everyone down to the size of bloated smurfs (smurves?)) (i like that i had to use double parentheses there)


Friday, March 30, 2007

fires in burbank

grabbed lunch at portos — this really yummy bakery/sandwich shop in burbank. its always packed in there, no matter when you go. after i came out, i noticed huge billows of smoke, off in the distance. then i saw the giant flames flapping on the side of the hills. that's one of the dangers of living in l.a.. in addition to occasional earthquakes and drunken cross-dressers, we have periodic brush fires in the hills. these fires can rage on for days. i hope this new one doesn't last that long.

i'm off to see 'the host' at the arclight in hollywood. its a korean horror/comedy/drama/action movie that's been getting some pretty good reviews. i'll let you know what i think.

okay. it was great. a lot of fun. great creature design. decent visual effects. charming characters. it was very suspenseful at times, and light-hearted at others. definitely an enjoyable film.
oh, and i found out that the brush was was caused by two teenagers setting off fireworks in the hills. over 150 acres of land was burned.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

new year

happy new year everybody.
we had a great new year's eve festival-style show here in sunny orlando. all the bands on the label played as well as a few local florida bands. it was quite an amazing event. aranda sort of became the highlight of the night with an absolutely face-melting performance. the capped the show off with a michael jackson medley.

the bass players from the label seemed to be revolting or something. beau turned around quickly during our set and the head of his bass smashed my left arm, cutting it. during aranda's set, chris the bass player smashed gabe in the side of the face with his bass. so the whole night felt a little like a gladiator arena. i tried to hit beau back with my throat, but it proved an ineffective weapon.

on the 2nd, we did an acoustic show at the aka lounge in downtown orlando. it was a lot of fun. we did 'about schroeder', 'sweep the leg', 'zombie me', 'grand expreiment', 'this', and ended with 'overkill' by men at work. we worked out cool arangements of 'sweep' and 'grand experiment', which were much swampier than the album versions. a lot of fun to play too.

so, i'm off to new york tomorrow to meet with vh1, rolling stone magazine, and my publicist. it should be cool. i always love going to new york. keep your fingers crossed for the vh1 meeting. it would be awesome to have them premiere the video for sweep the leg.