Monday, May 28, 2007

recent shows and more faces

we've had a cool couple of shows. the show in pioneertown was awesome! we totally fell in love with the place. great vibe. the knitting factory was supercool! we had so much fun that night. our friends from came down to film the show, and do a quick interview with us.. (which was insane. i dont know if youve ever tried to have a conversation with six guys at once. especially when most of them are schiznophrenic.. so it made it like 10 guys)
last night, we played in fullerton, at this little place called 'the alley'. small show. we played a short set. but it was fun.
i havent drawn faces since ive been out on this leg. so im a little behind. but heres a few that i worked on during my downtime in l.a.:


Thursday, May 24, 2007

whale's what now?

we are in sunny san diego today. we have the day off, mostly, and i love that!
josh and i just did a quick radio thing this morning. it was fun. the people from the station were really cool. they also gave us a live recording they made of us when we were in town for the sunset sessions. that was cool of them, and fun to listen to. we dont have many live recordings of ourselves, so its fun to get them. (jeez, how many times can i say 'fun' in one post)
i think the guys are gonna go bowling today. i just looked, and there are no mooovies i wanna see. so that stinks. but theres a target across the street. maybe i can kill two hours there? lawn and garden aisle?
so tomorrow, we play in pioneer town!! im so excited. apparently its an old set from the days of hollywood westerns. and now people actually live there! they have little mock-gunfights in the streets on weekends. so its a little like l.a. (j/k.. jaaay kayyyy...)
ummm.. i think thats all the gnus. i'm hungry. is that news?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

zombie-time and more faces

hello. i saw '28 weeks later' the other night, and when i got out of the theatre, i got a text message from josh saying that he just saw it. so even though im here in l.a. and he's back in nashville, we still sort of saw a movie together.

we both agreed it was terrifying and disturbing. and we both agreed that there were things about the first one that we liked better. but either way, it was a fantastic zombie movie. and you know how i feel about that =)

unrelated: ive been drawing faces like a mad man lately. faces faces faces. so here's my newest painting in-progress:

and here's the old painting that started this whole series. it's about four years old now:

thanks for listening.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

portraits in progress

here are two more portraits in progress for mah book.
i've been spending too much time at the computer, i'm getting those pains in the base of your neck and stuff. arg. i need a full-time masseuse to hang around me, and snap to attention when i need 'em.

oh. happy mother's day all ye mothers out there.

Friday, May 11, 2007

ficticious portrait book

i started an art book project a while ago of a series of portraits of ficticious people.
as with most of my other projects, i was really obsessed with it for about two weeks. then i stopped all together. sooo. i started working on it again yesterday.

here's a new digital painting (in photoshop) of st. jerome:

and here are a few sketches i did that may or may not end up painted in the book.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

back in l.a. and some new art from the road

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 17:29

i'm finally back in l.a. for a bit, after 6 weeks straight on the road. whew! that's the longest i've been out since this thing started. we had some really great shows this past leg. the chicago show was for sure a highlight. it was so great to play with everybody again! aranda, soular, dirt poor robins, and david martin. i always feel so lucky to be on the same label as them.
i have a bunch of things i want to get done in my down time here.. i've started two art projects while out on the road.
1. i started drawing and painting over the text of an old james bond novel i bought. here's the first finished page from it:

2. i play a lot of sudoku while riding in the van. so i thought i would make use of all those finished sudoku grids..
here are two paintings from that series:

that's it for now. i hope to have a lot more to show you all in the next few days here.