Sunday, November 11, 2007


woohoo! we had a superfun show in boise tonight. we got to play with a great band, 'mistress and the misters'. we played with them last time we were in town, and we were very excited to learn that we'd be playing with them again tonight.
it was great to see so many people from last time. and people did their homework! more than half the audience knew my lyrics better than i did! it was a very fun time, and i can't wait to come back. such a supportive town.
oh, and i apologize again to anyone who had to hug my sweaty body. next time i'll hire a stunt hugger.

and thanks so much to everyone who voted to get us in round two of the mtv thing! i just found out about all of this tonight, and i'm so grateful/excited that we were able to get over 5000 votes. i'm not sure how far into the contest we'll make it, but it's great to have such supportive fans. with such itchy clicky mouse fingers.


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