Tuesday, July 17, 2007

rats and shirts

hello. how are you?
i saw rat-a-tat-tooie the other day. it was so cute! very charming. great story, and of course, stellar animation. the little short film they showed before it was really cute too. i love pixar. i wanna hug em.
billy zabka and i are going to be on the adam corolla show next week. woohoo! i think thats gonna be fun. i have a friend who is an editor on the jimmy kimmel show, so theres a fun connection.
oh, so i've been designing a new batch of teeshirts to sell on the road (and on our website). i am pretty excited about them. i hope you guys like them too. here's a test of some color options (the final shirt will only have one girl. not three. its not 'girls in the sea', although i guess i could write a sequel). and of course a zombie shirt.


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