Tuesday, April 03, 2007

wii, ameoba and smurfs

the other day i was in ameoba records in hollywood, and they had 11 copies of the album! woohoo! so if anyone is having trouble finding it in stores, please hop a flight to l.a. (just kidding. sort of)

i'm sad. i've been playing way too much nintendo Wii lately.. and so far, the only game i like is the free one that comes with the system. i keep buying these other games, and i end up hating them! but the super-simple sports games that come bundled with the Wii are great. i even tried to get my band addicted to the bowling game so they could save money on actual lanes. but alas, they weren't fooled.

i'm off, on a red-eye out of burbank tonight, to georgia. and then florida. which is great, because its been a while since i've been into the astonish office. and i miss all of my little friends there! (i say little, because in order to fit more employees into the office, adam shrunk everyone down to the size of bloated smurfs (smurves?)) (i like that i had to use double parentheses there)


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