Tuesday, July 24, 2007

america's got hasselhoff

hey crimefighters.
i met terry fator the other night. he's one of the country's top ventriloquists and all around amazing entertainer. he's currently in the top 20 of america's got talent. and tonight is a very important night for him. so if you are reading this, please please watch the show tonight and vote for terry!

terry invited me to a jamie cullum concert at the hollywood bowl last week. it was incredible. that boy can sing! it was amazing to watch the la philharmonic back him up too. i kept dreaming about how cool that would be, to someday be in that position.

so i guess that's all for today. i finished up the tshirt designs last week, so we should have those on the road with us on our next leg. the next leg of the tour. not that we'll be wearing tshirts on our legs. not like we've never done that before though.
so please please vote for terry tonight. and we'll talk again soon. thanks for listening


oh, hey, our myspace plays have been crazy high these past few weeks! whats up with that! woohoo!

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