Sunday, December 10, 2006


last night we played at a bar/club downtlown called 'the liquid cellar'. it was fun. beau couldnt make it, so we had a fill-in bassist for the night, justin. he rocked! we had a show in nashville the night before, so we drove straight from the show, 14 hours through the night, so it felt great to sleep in today. no show tonight, but we play at 'the social;, here in orlando tomorrow night. i also did a little radio interview for a local indierock station. that was fun. it was with neil and kate from dirt poor robins too.

Monday, December 04, 2006

carey ott

our last three shows have been opening for an amazing singer-songwriter carey ott and his fantastic band. he's got a song on the teeveee show 'grey's anatomy' so maybe you've already heard him. but if you haven't check out his album 'lucid dream'.

the shows have been cool. playing in and around nashville, which is great cause most of the band is from nashville. we had a little plastic football which we would would toss around in parking lots after sound checks. buuuut... josh, with his bionic arm, threw the ball on top of the venue. sooo no more football for us.

in related news, its freaking cold in nashville. i can almost hear los angeles laughing at me.