Tuesday, May 08, 2007

back in l.a. and some new art from the road

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 17:29

i'm finally back in l.a. for a bit, after 6 weeks straight on the road. whew! that's the longest i've been out since this thing started. we had some really great shows this past leg. the chicago show was for sure a highlight. it was so great to play with everybody again! aranda, soular, dirt poor robins, and david martin. i always feel so lucky to be on the same label as them.
i have a bunch of things i want to get done in my down time here.. i've started two art projects while out on the road.
1. i started drawing and painting over the text of an old james bond novel i bought. here's the first finished page from it:

2. i play a lot of sudoku while riding in the van. so i thought i would make use of all those finished sudoku grids..
here are two paintings from that series:

that's it for now. i hope to have a lot more to show you all in the next few days here.

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