Sunday, September 09, 2007

shoot em up

i saw 'shoot em up' the other night. it was a lot of fun! in the same vein as 'grindhouse'. over-the-top action/violence. crazy stunts. limited dialog and plot. like a good testosterone injection.

school started back up for many of you. i hope you all got your summer reading done. got your new trapper-keepers ready to go. lunchboxes full of fruit-roll-ups and pudding cups. sit next to the dorky kid for once. that dorky kid was me.

hmmm i guess that's it. i've got my improv class today. so fun! i went and saw my improv teacher, david's show last night. he was great. very funny. i wish i could take the class everyday.

ok. talk to you soon. oh, you look good, by the way. i like what you've done with your hair.


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