Wednesday, September 19, 2007

boise noisy

hello crimefighters.

we just had a superfun show in boise. at the bouquet. we really didn't know what to expect. we'd played here a year ago, and i think we played for something like 7 people at that time. so we had our fingers crossed for at least 12 people for tonight. and to our surprise many more people than 12 showed up. it was so great, and energizing, to see people dancing and singing along!

we were on 100.3 the x, a local boise station, this morning. we did a little acoustic action. we had a great time hanging with big j and nic. we owe most of tonight's turnout to them. they took a chance, adding 'sweep the leg' into rotation on their station (rhyme-zilla up in here), and having us in the studio. we really couldn't have asked for a better show. i'm looking forward to coming back around here in a month or so.

oh, and we played with this great band from spokane, called 'mistress and the misters'. they were so fun! really talented, great sound and excellent energy. and they were really cool guys too. i
wish i got to talk to them a little more. we're going to try to get them to play with us again next time too. (again and too in the same sentence? hmm grammar evaporates after midnight i guess).

tomorrow we set sail for washington. roslyn. where northern exposure was filmed. we played ther almost a year ago too. so it'll be fun to go back.

ok. i'm going to bed. thanks for listening.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

red rocks

we had a great show in colorado the other night. we played at red rocks amphitheatre, but not on the awesome outside stage. we play indoors, at a tinier stage downstairs. we still had a great time, and i met some really nice people from esurance. we hung out and watched 'cake' play afterwards. what a show that was! cake was amazing live.

DG getting ready to rock

the big awesome stage that we wished we played on

the rock where simba was born.

thanks for listening. i'll be back soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

balls of fury

part of hollywood blvd was closed yesterday. apparently they were filming a apocalyptic street scene for a new will smith movie coming out. i could barely see some cars being pulled by cables as lights flashed and extras screamed and ran. after the take, will came over to the crowd of people that had formed to watch, and he totally shook my hand! woohoo!
then on my way to the cinerama dome to watch 'balls of fury', my friend mike calls me. he was driving in a car behind me, following me to the theatre. "pete, look to your left". i do, and jimmy kimmel is driving next to me!

so that was cool. oh, and 'balls of fury' was fun. not great, but fun. christopher walken was, of course, awesome. i hope he puts out a rap album someday.

oh, and here's a bird:


Monday, September 10, 2007

3:10 to yuma

i just got back from seeing '3:10 to yuma'. it was fantastic. christian bale is the man. i don't think he's capable of a bad performance. and of course russell crowe is great too. i remember as the movie started i was thinking, 'the two lead roles in a western, are both non-americans'. but they both pulled off flawless american accents. way better than my british, or australian accents.

i guess that's it. i just wanted to recommend the movie, to anyone who is so inclined. i was going to go see 'war' with jet li. but rotten tomatoes gave it an 16%. yikes! so maybe i'll wait for the dvdvd.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

shoot em up

i saw 'shoot em up' the other night. it was a lot of fun! in the same vein as 'grindhouse'. over-the-top action/violence. crazy stunts. limited dialog and plot. like a good testosterone injection.

school started back up for many of you. i hope you all got your summer reading done. got your new trapper-keepers ready to go. lunchboxes full of fruit-roll-ups and pudding cups. sit next to the dorky kid for once. that dorky kid was me.

hmmm i guess that's it. i've got my improv class today. so fun! i went and saw my improv teacher, david's show last night. he was great. very funny. i wish i could take the class everyday.

ok. talk to you soon. oh, you look good, by the way. i like what you've done with your hair.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

warm front in indianna with 90% chance of rock!

good grief!! what a weekend i've had! friday morning i got a chance to co-host the morning show in terre haute indianna, and it was sooo much fun! julie and matt, the actual anchors, were so friendly and fun! julie even let me do the weather (which has always been a dream of mine). of course, i did an awful job (i'll post a clip of my meteorological debut). then they let me sit at the desk with them for the whole show. it was such a great time. then i was on julie's radio show in the afternoon, followed by sketch's radio show a little later on. we played acoustic versions of a few songs, and DG played the plastic spoons as accompaniment. then last night we had the linton music festival! this was seriously the best response we've ever had! we sold more tshirts and cds than ever before. i signed stuff for over an hour (usually i'm begging people to let me sign stuff. socks, underwear, napkins. i dont care).

now i'm chillin in louisville with neil for a little bit before i head back to l.a. neil and i are cooking up a little something-something to put on itunes. i'm excited about it.

well that's it for now. i'll post some video stuff soon. thanks for reading!!