Monday, May 28, 2007

recent shows and more faces

we've had a cool couple of shows. the show in pioneertown was awesome! we totally fell in love with the place. great vibe. the knitting factory was supercool! we had so much fun that night. our friends from came down to film the show, and do a quick interview with us.. (which was insane. i dont know if youve ever tried to have a conversation with six guys at once. especially when most of them are schiznophrenic.. so it made it like 10 guys)
last night, we played in fullerton, at this little place called 'the alley'. small show. we played a short set. but it was fun.
i havent drawn faces since ive been out on this leg. so im a little behind. but heres a few that i worked on during my downtime in l.a.:


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