Sunday, April 15, 2007

new york then phili then new york then phili

i had a great week. 'sweep the leg' is now being spun on xm satellite radio. woohoo! we had a great show at the cutting room in new york on friday night. last night we played at grape street in phili, and it was so fun! i am constantly surprised at how many people are coming to the shows having already seen the video. and to look out into the audience and actually see people singing along! man, its a cool feeling. of course, it means i have more pressure to remember my lyrics..

thursday morning, we were on channel 10 in phili. it was fun. i met anna nicole smith's sister. (she was one of the guests on the show). we did a soundcheck, which was recorded, and it sounded pretty good. but for some reason, when it came time to play for real, something went wrong in the control room. only the drum mics went out to broadcast! so, everyone in the studio audience heard the show just fine, but people watching it on the teeveeee only heard DG's high-hat!! a little bit of guitar and vocals bled into the mic, so it sounded like the rest of the band was playing from inside the belly of a tauntaun.

now i'm sitting in the phili airport, 3 hours early for my flight (why not). i'm going to nashville, where i will chill in a hotel for two days. i'm excited about all the sleep i can practice! i need the practice, because i think lately i've gotten out of practice.

oh, we saw some dude at breakfast at the hotel who was wearing a cobra kai shirt. so of course, we ran up to him and told him about our song and video and such. his name was kevin. he was very polite, and patiently waited for us to finish our story so he could eat his omelet. i took the opportunity to demonstrate for him my amazing karate skills by shopping his omelet in half with my bare hand. it took me three tries to get through it.


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