Wednesday, July 11, 2007

die hardest

ok, i saw die hard 4 the other night.. ug. you know, i absolutely love bruce willis, and he did a great job, but this movie forgot everything that worked about the first one. they kept trying to outdo the previous stunt. i read a review that i think sums it up perfectly. it said 'in the first movie, john maclane was human. in this one, he's the terminator'.

i'm in la. i get to be here for a while. which is cool. lately i've been zipping in and out of it so quickly that i don't really get to enjoy it. jordan and topher from astonish were here over the weekend to shoot some behind the scenes interview stuff with me and billy zabka. it'll be for the '' website. that was fun. but even they were like 'man, its beautiful here'. they are right.

in entertainment, it seems like people are either new york folk, or l.a. folk. and whichever they are, they truly identify with. i guess there is a small subset of people who are a bit of both.

oh, here's an adorable drawing my nephew david did:

the little sign says "beware of me". so cute!


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