Sunday, September 02, 2007

warm front in indianna with 90% chance of rock!

good grief!! what a weekend i've had! friday morning i got a chance to co-host the morning show in terre haute indianna, and it was sooo much fun! julie and matt, the actual anchors, were so friendly and fun! julie even let me do the weather (which has always been a dream of mine). of course, i did an awful job (i'll post a clip of my meteorological debut). then they let me sit at the desk with them for the whole show. it was such a great time. then i was on julie's radio show in the afternoon, followed by sketch's radio show a little later on. we played acoustic versions of a few songs, and DG played the plastic spoons as accompaniment. then last night we had the linton music festival! this was seriously the best response we've ever had! we sold more tshirts and cds than ever before. i signed stuff for over an hour (usually i'm begging people to let me sign stuff. socks, underwear, napkins. i dont care).

now i'm chillin in louisville with neil for a little bit before i head back to l.a. neil and i are cooking up a little something-something to put on itunes. i'm excited about it.

well that's it for now. i'll post some video stuff soon. thanks for reading!!


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