Saturday, May 02, 2009

some thoughts on 'wolverine'

after we left the theatre, most of my friends were pretty obviously disappointed. i didn't hate the movie, but i definitely agreed with their feeling. there were some things i could analytically point out as flaws, but then there were some other things that i couldn't quite put my finger on.

we got lunch and hung out and talked for a bit, and collectively starting making sense of why we felt a little let down. here are a couple of reasons:

1. wolverine isn't much of a hero in the movie. he sort of meanders through it all, as things happen to him. when he finally decides to act, it isn't really motivated anything noble.
i understand that in the comics, his character was always the reluctant/disconnected hero. but even still, he was a hero.

2. the effects are pretty stinky. there's a big moment in the film where wolvie admires his new metal claws, and the CG is so bad that it's almost laughable. even the audio is weird in that scene. it's like they forgot that the claws are the most important part of wolverine.

3. deadpool was awesome in the beginning. then they ruined him. poo.

4. kindof stinky pacing, and weird story point choice. there's this whole montage section showing wolvie through the decades, fighting in different wars. it made me want to stay in each one for a little longer. there could have been some great character building moments. but instead we got a slideshow.

5. it's not much of an origins story. it's more of a straight-up prequel. in an origins story, we want to see the hero figuring out his powers, making choices and decisions that set him on the hero's path. this was more of a fast-forwarded bio-timeline until he gets his metal bones and claws. then its a couple of mortal kombat fight scenes.

now, despite all this, i still enjoyed the movie. it's always fun to watch wolverine kick butt. and hugh jackman is great, liev shrieber is great.. i guess i just felt -- we all felt -- things could've been done better.

what do you guys think?