Tuesday, May 27, 2008

thank you new hampshire!!!

ahhh! what a blast! we had a great time at the sky show 17 in new hampshire this weekend. rock 101 kicks booty! everyone from the station was super nice! and despite our band name, they treated us like kings. special thanks to the mosh pit. doc, laura, greg, roadkill, and scorch: i love you all and miss you already!
kim, thanks for taking us to the yummy tiny diner. it was a little awkward eating with a row of hungry people behind us waiting for our chairs =)
the fireworks were fantastic! they had their own soundtrack. i want my own soundtrack.
my parents were there. they had a lot of fun, and it was great to be able to hang out with them.

so i can't wait for sky show 18! (cut to: one year later, pete waits by the mail, where no invitation comes.)

we're in pittsburg tonight. sleeping. on our two day trek back to nashville. if you see us on the road, honk.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

indiana jones and the temple of scientology

sooo the continuation of the saga that we've been waiting 20 years for is finally here. and i gotta say, i was a bit sad. i won't go into too much until all yall have seen it, but i thought i'd give some general impressions:

1. premise - what??! the indy movies have always had fun curses and supernatural baddies, but this one goes a little too far.
2. action - the action sequences and stunts were a lot of fun. typical indy wackiness: swinging from rafters with the whip, racing against collapsing bridges, jumping from moving jeeps. most of these moments were perfect, but some were over-the-top even for indy. it reminded me of peter jackson's king kong in spots. i could almost hear the boardroom meeting. "hey, can we make it bigger?"

overall i give it a C-

in related news, i bought a wii the other night. so our extensive time in hotel rooms are a little more enjoyable now.

played a show in newport, rhode island the other night. it was awesome to see my family and some friends i haven't seen in years. tomorrow we play in new hampshire, at an awesome outdoor festival. i'm told there will be thousands of people there. that's a lot of people methinks. too many for me to buy gummi bears for.

anyway, let me know what you think of indy when you guys see it. misery loves company.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

horn tracking

we just finished tracking horns at this beautiful studio in lincoln, tn; about an hour outside of nashville. the studio is called darkhorse, and it’s basically a bunch of log cabins stretched out over these beautiful, soft rolling hills. each cabins is connected by cool wooden bridges.
max and his gang played fantastically. everything sounds so good! we had a lot of fun.

[video clip]

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

go go speed racer

hi kids.
i saw speed racer the other day in wichita, in between shows. wow. umm. i think it was a pinata of flourescent cg candy. some of it is still in my eye. there's some really cool stuff, some great moments. but all in all, a pretty stinky film. i'm probably 25 years past their demographic though. the effects were on par with a sega dreamcast game, and the compositing looked like it was done in the trial version of after effects. but jack, from lost, is in it. and he was cool. and he did kungfu.

on a similar note, i saw 'redbelt' last night, and it was really good. slow, and not a lot of fighting (for a movie named after the highest butt-kicking accessory). but chewatel (the bad guy from 'serenity'), was fantastic. he's a great, honorable, likable character, but maintains a calculated calmness that implies tremendous confidence. the confidence of a jiu-jitsu mastah! in any case, if it's in town near you, go see it. tell me what you think. maybe me and billy zabka will remake it =)

Monday, May 05, 2008

"iron man" is superawesome

did anyone else see it? i totallysuperloved it. rdj is fantastic in it.
i want a metal suit now. and a pony.

soo, i'm going to wichita this week. that will be fun. neil is still playing guitar with us, which is ubercool. like a little mini nmk reunion.

indiana jones is out soon. woohoo!