Friday, March 30, 2007

fires in burbank

grabbed lunch at portos — this really yummy bakery/sandwich shop in burbank. its always packed in there, no matter when you go. after i came out, i noticed huge billows of smoke, off in the distance. then i saw the giant flames flapping on the side of the hills. that's one of the dangers of living in l.a.. in addition to occasional earthquakes and drunken cross-dressers, we have periodic brush fires in the hills. these fires can rage on for days. i hope this new one doesn't last that long.

i'm off to see 'the host' at the arclight in hollywood. its a korean horror/comedy/drama/action movie that's been getting some pretty good reviews. i'll let you know what i think.

okay. it was great. a lot of fun. great creature design. decent visual effects. charming characters. it was very suspenseful at times, and light-hearted at others. definitely an enjoyable film.
oh, and i found out that the brush was was caused by two teenagers setting off fireworks in the hills. over 150 acres of land was burned.