Wednesday, September 19, 2007

boise noisy

hello crimefighters.

we just had a superfun show in boise. at the bouquet. we really didn't know what to expect. we'd played here a year ago, and i think we played for something like 7 people at that time. so we had our fingers crossed for at least 12 people for tonight. and to our surprise many more people than 12 showed up. it was so great, and energizing, to see people dancing and singing along!

we were on 100.3 the x, a local boise station, this morning. we did a little acoustic action. we had a great time hanging with big j and nic. we owe most of tonight's turnout to them. they took a chance, adding 'sweep the leg' into rotation on their station (rhyme-zilla up in here), and having us in the studio. we really couldn't have asked for a better show. i'm looking forward to coming back around here in a month or so.

oh, and we played with this great band from spokane, called 'mistress and the misters'. they were so fun! really talented, great sound and excellent energy. and they were really cool guys too. i
wish i got to talk to them a little more. we're going to try to get them to play with us again next time too. (again and too in the same sentence? hmm grammar evaporates after midnight i guess).

tomorrow we set sail for washington. roslyn. where northern exposure was filmed. we played ther almost a year ago too. so it'll be fun to go back.

ok. i'm going to bed. thanks for listening.


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