Sunday, January 07, 2007

new year

happy new year everybody.
we had a great new year's eve festival-style show here in sunny orlando. all the bands on the label played as well as a few local florida bands. it was quite an amazing event. aranda sort of became the highlight of the night with an absolutely face-melting performance. the capped the show off with a michael jackson medley.

the bass players from the label seemed to be revolting or something. beau turned around quickly during our set and the head of his bass smashed my left arm, cutting it. during aranda's set, chris the bass player smashed gabe in the side of the face with his bass. so the whole night felt a little like a gladiator arena. i tried to hit beau back with my throat, but it proved an ineffective weapon.

on the 2nd, we did an acoustic show at the aka lounge in downtown orlando. it was a lot of fun. we did 'about schroeder', 'sweep the leg', 'zombie me', 'grand expreiment', 'this', and ended with 'overkill' by men at work. we worked out cool arangements of 'sweep' and 'grand experiment', which were much swampier than the album versions. a lot of fun to play too.

so, i'm off to new york tomorrow to meet with vh1, rolling stone magazine, and my publicist. it should be cool. i always love going to new york. keep your fingers crossed for the vh1 meeting. it would be awesome to have them premiere the video for sweep the leg.