Friday, January 30, 2009

'how i became the bomb' video

hello fishes.
i got the posters in the mail the other day. i'm going to mail out the pre-orders right away, before i send out the full announcement. i've been in kentucky for a while now working on stuff, and we just got hit with a ridiculous snowstorm. i'm hoping the roads will clear up soon enough for me to mail these out. my poor little miata was trapped under a mound of frosty white badness. which also stinks for me because i was planning on driving it back to l.a. this week. apparently jack frost disapproves of my plan.

in other news, i just finished working on a music video with my friend travis in nashville, for a band called 'how i became the bomb'. you can see it here: mothership. please let me know what you think. or you can leave a comment there. =)

i hope everyone is keeping warm. oh, i'm finishing up the album artwork for our new album. so, pretty soon it will be ready for the world!


Monday, January 19, 2009

poster update

hey monkeys.
i sent the files off to the printer on friday. so hopefully i'll have the finished prints sometime this week. i wanna send something extra along for the people who pre-ordered. any ideas?

also, i was at taco bell yesterday and hanson came on the radio again! i know i've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: their new album 'the walk' outright rocks. please check it out, and buy it, if you haven't already: hanson myspace. seriously well-crafted funky pop-rock. those guys know how to write melodies!

have a good monday night.

Monday, January 12, 2009

limited edition poster print

hello monkeys.
we have a new album coming out in march. so for the next few weeks we'll be offering some album one related limited edition poster prints, to make way for all the yummy new album two stuff we'll have! i'm gonna send out a mass email about it, once the posters are printed, but i thought i would post here first, in case any of you little fuzzies wanted to pre-order.

the poster is 11"x17" and is a limited edition of 200. each one will be signed and numbered on the back. they are $10 each. i tried to get em scratch-n-sniff, but to no avail. the only scent they had left was 'june beach volleyball sweat'.

anyway, click here to preorder: poster print pre-order