Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gypsy g's and dirt poor robins

whew! i've been a bad bad monkey, not posting in so long! how have you been? how's the family?

so we've had a couple of great shows this run. we played three nights in a row with dirt poor robins, which is always a blast. the other night, we played at gypsy g's in south carolina. it was so fun! we met some super nice people (chris and amy, whats up!) and had a really good time playing.

we brought guitar hero 2 out on the road with us, so the last two nights have been pure guitar hero rockathon. my little fingers are about to fall off. we have today off, and most of tomorrow. tomorrow night at like 2 am, we have a crazy radio thing, and then we have a show in nyc at arlene's grocery. i love playing in new york. we have a boston show coming up, which is exciting for me because my family is going to go to it. it'll be the first time any of them have seen me play with this new band.

soooo all in all, things are going well. thanks for asking.
oh, here's a new raindrop animation. let me know what you think.


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