Thursday, May 24, 2007

whale's what now?

we are in sunny san diego today. we have the day off, mostly, and i love that!
josh and i just did a quick radio thing this morning. it was fun. the people from the station were really cool. they also gave us a live recording they made of us when we were in town for the sunset sessions. that was cool of them, and fun to listen to. we dont have many live recordings of ourselves, so its fun to get them. (jeez, how many times can i say 'fun' in one post)
i think the guys are gonna go bowling today. i just looked, and there are no mooovies i wanna see. so that stinks. but theres a target across the street. maybe i can kill two hours there? lawn and garden aisle?
so tomorrow, we play in pioneer town!! im so excited. apparently its an old set from the days of hollywood westerns. and now people actually live there! they have little mock-gunfights in the streets on weekends. so its a little like l.a. (j/k.. jaaay kayyyy...)
ummm.. i think thats all the gnus. i'm hungry. is that news?

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