Thursday, July 05, 2007

happy fourth

happy fourth of july everybody! i hope you all ate american flag cake until your bellies itched.
i went swimming today. i like swimming. its my favorite. swimming and smiling. my favorites.

oh, our new favorite, over here at no more kings headquarters is the new HBO comedy series called 'flight of the conchords', eponymously named after the new zealand comedy/music duo by the same name. (grammar jokes are tough, because if the joke doesnt work, then smart people just think you're stupid). anyway; check out their stuff here:

mmm.. i've been back in l.a. for two days now, and i've had in-n-out both nights. that's doing it right. doing the life thing, right. living right. we'll see what happens tomorrow.

oh, i watched 'evan almighty' tonight. ug. please don't hate me for saying this: i think i maybe loathed it. i really wished i had seen 'die hard' instead. did you know, in spain, 'die hard' is called 'the concrete jungle'? cool huh. probably because 'die hard' doesn't translate to anything meaningful. not like here in the states. where 'die hard' is a very meaningful proverb. (that was a joke, what the heck does 'die hard' mean here? i thought maybe it meant he was hard to kill, like it was hard for him to die because he was so damned cool. and barefoot. is he barefoot in this new one? why is he hanging around with Mac. is PC in it too, or just Mac? its nice to see that Mac is getting work. i was afraid he would be upstaged by his little brother iPhone.)

goodnight. and happy day of independence.


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