Friday, April 06, 2007

the other lebowski

its been an interesting couple of days. not much sleep, and a lot of shows. we're in orlando tonight - just finished playing at the liquid cellar - and we're back in georgia tomorrow night. we've done a couple shows with a band called helios, who are really great and talented people, and a fun, energetic band. the other night, at eddie's attic, we played with a band called y.o.u., who really impressed me. they had a fresh, original sound that drew from the well of solid 60s rock and soul. they were great players, had great banter with the crowd.

we did a really cool teeeveee performance this morning. the chef on the cooking segment had the same last name as me. so i had to knife fight him, with our hands tied together, to see who got to keep the name. he won, so from now on i shall be known at petey rosemary macgillicuddy. inform the post office.


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