Monday, June 25, 2007


hello again crimefighters. so its been far too long between postings, and i aim to remedy that. ive installed a chip in my frontal lobe that will transmit blog messages as i oooh donut - i guess i'm hungrier than i th— woa cute doggy - wait where was i — oh yes, transmit messages as i think them. which may or may not work out.

we saw the movie 1408 last night. i liked it a lot, but the audience was seriously the worst audience i've ever seen a movie with. every ounce of tension in the film was met with laughter. at one of the key moments, john cusack, crying, delivering a great performance, someone behind me exclaims 'damn, he's a good actor. isn't he a good actor?'

so we're in virginia today. tomorrow night we have a show here, and then we're off to boston, to eat lots of creme-filled donuts. then that's it for this leg. word. oh, here are some more drawings:


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gypsy g's and dirt poor robins

whew! i've been a bad bad monkey, not posting in so long! how have you been? how's the family?

so we've had a couple of great shows this run. we played three nights in a row with dirt poor robins, which is always a blast. the other night, we played at gypsy g's in south carolina. it was so fun! we met some super nice people (chris and amy, whats up!) and had a really good time playing.

we brought guitar hero 2 out on the road with us, so the last two nights have been pure guitar hero rockathon. my little fingers are about to fall off. we have today off, and most of tomorrow. tomorrow night at like 2 am, we have a crazy radio thing, and then we have a show in nyc at arlene's grocery. i love playing in new york. we have a boston show coming up, which is exciting for me because my family is going to go to it. it'll be the first time any of them have seen me play with this new band.

soooo all in all, things are going well. thanks for asking.
oh, here's a new raindrop animation. let me know what you think.


Thursday, June 07, 2007


i just got into to louisville last night. its great to have a chance to work on music with neil for a little while. we have a couple of things we're trying to track before i take off on the next tour leg. we're playing a show together next week, here in town, which is great. i love being able to play with dirt poor robins. as a fan and as a friend, its a great experience.
i did a video shoot with a few weeks ago, which was an absolute blast! anyway, they are starting to put up some of the clips. i think they are going to release two a week for the next few weeks. you can see the first one here:
i guess that's it for now. i have been falling quickly behind in my book of face drawings. i'll try to get a few more of those up soon. but i started a series of talking raindrop animations. do i still get a biscuit? no? poo..