Wednesday, September 12, 2007

balls of fury

part of hollywood blvd was closed yesterday. apparently they were filming a apocalyptic street scene for a new will smith movie coming out. i could barely see some cars being pulled by cables as lights flashed and extras screamed and ran. after the take, will came over to the crowd of people that had formed to watch, and he totally shook my hand! woohoo!
then on my way to the cinerama dome to watch 'balls of fury', my friend mike calls me. he was driving in a car behind me, following me to the theatre. "pete, look to your left". i do, and jimmy kimmel is driving next to me!

so that was cool. oh, and 'balls of fury' was fun. not great, but fun. christopher walken was, of course, awesome. i hope he puts out a rap album someday.

oh, and here's a bird:


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