Thursday, June 07, 2007


i just got into to louisville last night. its great to have a chance to work on music with neil for a little while. we have a couple of things we're trying to track before i take off on the next tour leg. we're playing a show together next week, here in town, which is great. i love being able to play with dirt poor robins. as a fan and as a friend, its a great experience.
i did a video shoot with a few weeks ago, which was an absolute blast! anyway, they are starting to put up some of the clips. i think they are going to release two a week for the next few weeks. you can see the first one here:
i guess that's it for now. i have been falling quickly behind in my book of face drawings. i'll try to get a few more of those up soon. but i started a series of talking raindrop animations. do i still get a biscuit? no? poo..


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