Monday, June 25, 2007


hello again crimefighters. so its been far too long between postings, and i aim to remedy that. ive installed a chip in my frontal lobe that will transmit blog messages as i oooh donut - i guess i'm hungrier than i th— woa cute doggy - wait where was i — oh yes, transmit messages as i think them. which may or may not work out.

we saw the movie 1408 last night. i liked it a lot, but the audience was seriously the worst audience i've ever seen a movie with. every ounce of tension in the film was met with laughter. at one of the key moments, john cusack, crying, delivering a great performance, someone behind me exclaims 'damn, he's a good actor. isn't he a good actor?'

so we're in virginia today. tomorrow night we have a show here, and then we're off to boston, to eat lots of creme-filled donuts. then that's it for this leg. word. oh, here are some more drawings:


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