Wednesday, April 22, 2009

pre-order the boombox!

may 12th is approaching! i'm getting pretty excited to find out what you all think of our newest concoction.

so, apparently you can pre-order it now, and you'll get it a week early. or so. or so i hear.
so clickety here: pre-order 'and the flying boombox'

we're working on getting the new nmk website up by then. it's gonna be a lot cleaner and easier to update. which is good, cause that means there will actually be new stuff on it periodically. unlike our last site. which was like an old sweater that i kept forgetting to wash.

things are a little bit on hold for the 'obey the groove' video. i'll let you know as soon as production picks back up on it. we're tweaking the concept for it, but it may or may not involve space puppets. and chocolate sauce.

also, i'd love it if you followed me on twitter:
that is, if you're not too busy following ashton kutcher.

cosmonaut petey - out!

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