Friday, January 30, 2009

'how i became the bomb' video

hello fishes.
i got the posters in the mail the other day. i'm going to mail out the pre-orders right away, before i send out the full announcement. i've been in kentucky for a while now working on stuff, and we just got hit with a ridiculous snowstorm. i'm hoping the roads will clear up soon enough for me to mail these out. my poor little miata was trapped under a mound of frosty white badness. which also stinks for me because i was planning on driving it back to l.a. this week. apparently jack frost disapproves of my plan.

in other news, i just finished working on a music video with my friend travis in nashville, for a band called 'how i became the bomb'. you can see it here: mothership. please let me know what you think. or you can leave a comment there. =)

i hope everyone is keeping warm. oh, i'm finishing up the album artwork for our new album. so, pretty soon it will be ready for the world!


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