Monday, September 15, 2008

two things i found online or "why i love the internet’

okay, one of my favorite indie animators is a guy named pat smith. i was reading his blog today and i found links to two other great sites.

when i first learned flash, i wanted to make all these cool experimental interactive animated playthings. i never really followed through, because i am a dorkface, but thank goodness this guy did:

(that site ate up most of my evening!)

aaand, last time i visited my parents, my dad told me he thought that i was too critical on my blog movie reviews. of course, defensive, i said, 'no i'm not! it's important to be critical of things!' or something equally whiny. anyway, i've been thinking about that a lot lately. in fact, i haven't posted any movie reviews since.

so when i found this: i smiled. i was reminded at how important it is to critically analyse art and storytelling. (that post is a long read, but worth the investment)

i hope you all are having a happy monday. i might go see 'burn after reading' tonight. maybe i'll tell you how i liked it =)


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