Wednesday, August 13, 2008

dead anyway

i started working on a couple of new projects recently. one of them is an animated short film, about zombies (of course), tentatively titled 'dead anyway'. one night, when i couldn't fall asleep for a few hours, i played out the whole story in my mind. when i woke up the next day, i tried to write down as much of it as i could remember.

then about a week ago, i went to my cousin's wedding. i bought myself the crappiest flights ever, so i had a LOT of time sitting in the airport. in an uncharacteristic spurt of productivity, i used that time to map out all the steps needed to finish the animation. i even made little deadlines for myself for each phase, marking them in iCal.

so, while i was hanging out at the house today, i glanced at my calendar and noticed, according to my plan, storyboards were due today. yikes! i hadn't even started them! sooo i ran to 'fido', a little cafe here in nashville, and drew storyboards for 2 and a half hours.

the short will probably be around 5 or 6 minutes long, which came to 166 separate storyboard panels. very rough drawings of course. some of the major moments i might redraw, cleaner. i just spent the rest of my night importing the drawings into flash and arranging them in order.

next, i must make an animatic, which is sort of a roughly animated storyboard. my iCal tells me that's due friday. =)

here are two pages of my rough storyboards:

goodnight all!

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