Friday, April 25, 2008


lead vocals were fun. we usually get through a song a day. neil doesn’t like me to sing for more than 2 hours or so each day. usually he gets up early (waaay earlier than me) and edits together the stuff from the previous day. then i’ll get up. we’ll grab lunch, and then start tracking.
the first few takes, we run straight through. just for me to get a feel for the song and mood. neil gives me feedback on things to change, or things to push. then we take the song piece by piece. verses, choruses, and bridge. all separate. finally we do a few passes to get any parts that i didn’t do very well.
these songs have been a lot more challenging for me, vocally, than the songs on the first album. the range is a little wider. the highest points feel higher. we tried to get a little more character into the performances. things like that are tough to nail down.
all in all, i’m pretty happy with the way everything is coming out. i’m really excited to hear what these will sound like with horns and background vocals.

[video clip]

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