Wednesday, January 02, 2008

happy oh ate

hello furry monkeys.
so i had this big plan to do a 'year in review' NMK style, but alas i am lame.
it was going to be filled with all the cool things that have happened this year for us. things like having our first album in stores, getting my first song on the radio, having my first music video played on teevee, winning our first awards. you know, that kind of stuff.

oh, and then i was gonna tell you all about the cool new stuff we're going to do this year. things like an animated video for 'michael jump in", a great dvd of the behind-the-scenes from the 'sweep the leg' video shoot, a new animated comedy series called 'found object theatre', beginning production of our second album. that sort of thing.

but i didn't. i never got around to doing it because i am a dork. so i apologize.
in any case, i hope the first two days of this glorious new year have been good to you. and i hope you have at least 363 more glorious days this year. i know i will.


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