Sunday, May 07, 2006

la, orlando, nyc

just got back yesteray from a whirlwind trip to l.a., orlando, and nyc. i had a blast! i got to meet the new band astonish signed, 'aranda'. man those guys rock! and they're super nice people too! we hung out until 3am each night singing every song off the 'white album'.

l.a. --> we had some meetings with video people about videos for 'sweep the leg', and other stuff.

orlando --> did a greenscreen video shoot for the astonish website. each band did a performance of one song, as well as some quick messages for the site.

nyc --> met with an image consultant and a publicist. saw 'spamalot', the monty python broadway musical. got up way too early for my flight.

so all in all, the trip was a lot of fun. and very encouraging.

and now its back to recording lead vocals!


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